Dogging in Scotland with real Scottish dogging sluts

Dogging wife wearing black stockings without any knickers on flashing her pussy on the side of the road.

Dogging in Scotland is on the rise and as humble as we are, we can’t help but take credit for this phenomenon because we have been actively involved in the dogging scenes since before it gained popularity. In fact you can even say we spearheaded the raise of this movement and we couldn’t be any prouder. We are huge fans of public sex especially if it involves lots of freaky strangers and our sex parties are open to both newbies and old timers. We know all the key dogging locations and we gladly share that information with you so you too can be part of all the exciting action. Click here to find local dogging contacts.

In case you’re not familiar with dogging, it is essentially where groups of men and women meet up at a pre-arranged location for some naughty fun. There are signals that have to be used depending on the location and the locations vary from public parks to secluded private homes. You can either watch or be watched or you can do both – the dogging events are very friendly to both voyeurs and exhibitionists but everyone is encouraged to participate and no one is allowed to film or record any of the activities.

Discretion is of the utmost importance as the people involved in dogging come from all walks of life and some of them have careers that would be tarnished if word about their extracurricular sexual activities got out. Some of the nymphos who show up at the underground dogging parties are married but having fun without their significant others so remaining anonymous is of the utmost importance. We do the best we can to preserve our members’ privacy and to that end, no information is revealed to the public other than the information members choose to reveal themselves. There are literally tons of Scottish Milfs who love to go dogging!

As anyone who has been involved in dogging before will tell you, this is the most fun you’ll ever have. It’s no strings attached sex with a whole bunch of fun strangers and anything goes. There are no inhibitions and there are absolutely no consequences unless you count cumming harder than you ever as a consequence. The first time you go dogging will be the time you become hooked on this fun activity and you’ll want to attend more and more of them and lucky for you, we have an entire list of all the dogging locations so you’re always in the loop.

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